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Memories from the burned house
Format A5, 47 pages, color covers
People and places from Valcea
1989, Editura Eminescu, 143 pag.
Fondatorii cercului cultural CHASARIE DE RAMNIC
Rm. Valcea, 2007
Pesceana - chronic files
2006, Rm. Valcea, Publicher - Offsercolor, 220 pag.
Mihai Tican Rumano
2003, Rm. Valcea, Editura Conphys, 110 pag.
Pholclore from Lovistei Country
1974, Rm. Valcea, 98 pag.
Valcea itinerary
Editura Sport-Turism
Toponimia Tarii Lovistei
2001, Bucuresti, Editura Vestala, 206 pag.
Civilizatia sarii - Copacel la 510 ani
2006, Rm. Valcea, Editura OffsetColor, 230 pag.
Drumuri pe Olt
1983, Bucuresti, Editura Eminescu, 228 pag.
2005, Rm. Valcea, Editura OffsetColor, 218 pag.
Eminescu si cultura veche romaneasca
2003, Bucuresti, Editura Floarea Darurilor, 98 pag.
Inscriptii in carbune
1985, Bucuresti, Editura Eminescu, 150 pag.
Liturgherul - 1508
2004, Rm. Valcea, Editura Almarom, 70 pag.
Istoria cartii valcene - sec XVII
1981, Craiova, Editura Scrisul romanesc, 145 pag.
La aniversare - 80 ani
2006, Rm. Valcea, Editura Conphys, 175 pag.
Istorie si continuitate
2000, Rm. Valcea, Editura Conphys, 190 pag.
File din cronica Berevoestiului
2002, Rm. Valcea, Editura Conphys, 270 pag.
Poems, a little brown
Fortuna Publishing House
Lost loves
Almarom Publishing House
Go-Gica's odd freaks
Fortuna Publishing House, Rm. Valcea, 2001
Tramp through longing
Roads / Cammini
Rotarexim Publishing House
The laughter dies, but it never surrenders!
The laughter dies, but it never surrenders!
Dora's Revenge
Dora's Revenge

215 pag, format A5, Almarom Publishing house, 2005
80 pag., Intol Press Publishing house, Rm. Valcea, 2008
The grey notebook
100 pag., format A5, Intol Press Publishing House, Rm. Valcea 2008

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